Hi, call me J. Onyx.








ABOUT: The Blog


I’m a born and bred BK girl...Brooklyn, New York (for those who may not know). I have always been the kind of girl who has been passionate about individual personal expression. I've always found different outlets and figured out how to make it in my own...style. My ultimate goal, one day, is being able to have the freedom to do/live what I love while also inspiring and motivating women to do the same. I'm a Cancerian, which means I have a deep soul and a big ol' heart. If you ever want to get to know more of me, you can read up on my reflections in my "Soul Food" section. 



I started this creative outlet as a way of re-expressing myself, documenting my personal and professional growth, and sharing my own stylistic appetites. Each category is created as an extension of my inspirations, my dreams, and my passions. I hope this blog becomes an online space for other aspiring, creative, independent individuals to relate and share. Most importantly, I hope this blog inspires you to give yourself permission to feed your passions with purpose and your soul with substance. 

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